Overview of the BeST Awards program:
Construction Business Media, LLC and Net Zero Buildings magazine are pleased to bring you the first awards program citing the products, the technology the projects and the people making high-efficiency, near net zero and net zero outcomes a reality. If you are engaged in high-efficiency design and practices in any way; as architect, as manufacturer, as owner, contractor, consultant or any other means, consider this awards program as an opportunity to share your abilities, products or results with the greater design and construction community.

All product entries will represent one of the "six pillars" of high-efficiency design:
  • Building Envelope
  • Daylighting
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Water
  • Power

All products, systems and materials applicable to commercial and institutional building and design are eligible for entry. Any architect, architectural or design firm, owner firm, consultancy, stakeholder or participant manufacturer is welcome to provide entry for a 'Project' award, a 'Product' award, a 'Technology in Action' award, or a 'Champion' award.

Note: All materials submitted to BeST become property of Construction Business Media and will not be returned. Please keep a copy of all entry materials for your records.


Who Should Enter:
Manufacturers of products, materials and systems that are ready-suited to contribute to near net-zero and net-zero projects and design. The idea is to showcase those manufacturers ready now to support high-efficiency outcomes through their product innovation and field support. Products entered need not be new to the market.

Architects and Owners who have engaged in high-performance, near net-zero and net-zero design and construction. Stakeholders willing to share their story of collaboration, product and system choice, and the resultant high-efficiency outcome.

Enter as a Team! Partner up with the architect, the owner, the product manufacturer to bring your award-worthy project to the forefront. After all, it's about informed collaboration that is team-driven towards enhanced results.

  • Enter to be recognized for your industry leadership
  • Enter to bring your products, projects and/or people to the forefront
  • Enter to distinguish your products, projects or people from the rest
  • Enter to display your high-performance capacities

Recognize the "Champions of NZB" among us. Bring accolades to the person or team of professionals essential to the vision and/or the drive and/or the executional talent to bring meritorious high-performance outcomes to be.

Five Award Categories

Sample Forms

Easy Online Entry Process
NZB Online Registration

Each completed entry will be evaluated by a panel of qualified jurors who are recognized for their expertise in the design industry. More than 40 industry professionals are recruited for this task.

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 02, 2015

Winners will receive print coverage in the March 2016 issue of Net Zero Buildings magazine and online coverage on www.nzbmagazine.com

Note: All entry content, both written and image, may be published by CBM LLC without additional notification.

Email: jimc@nzbmagazine.com
Or call Jim Crockett at 847-359-6493


PRODUCT AWARDS: Technology in Application
Outstanding examples of product and technology in application, whether included as part of an efficient system or for self-performance.

Note: These product and system-level entries do not have to be associated with a net zero project, but should be associated with a high-performance design.

The categories:

  • Building Envelope: Any product or system that helps make up the overall building envelope and somehow contributes to a performance gain. This includes, but is not limited to curtainwall systems, thermal-performing glazing, cladding systems, insulation, roofing-related products and materials, operable windows for natural ventilation, etc.
  • Daylighting: Any product or system that either a) helps contribute more natural light into a building, i.e. skylights, clerestory windows, translucent openings, vision glass; or b) helps control solar gain, i.e. shading systems, external sunshades, louvers and outriggers, coated glazing, electrochromic glass. Etc.
  • Lighting: Any products that allow for more energy efficient electric illumination, or that help control or dim electric lights, or help trigger dimming settings in concert with daylight measures.
  • HVAC: Any product or systems that helps in high-performance or passive heating and cooling.
  • Water: Any product or system that helps water conservation measures, i.e. low-flow fixtures, or assists with site water management, such as vegetated roofs, cisterns or any rainwater harvesting measures, or helps with channeling rainwater for better site water retention or collection measures.
  • On-Site-Power Renewables: Any product or system that helps with the generation of on-site power, i.e. PV-related products, wind power, regenerative drive elevators, etc.

PRODUCT AWARDS: Best Hybrid Product Collaboration
Increasingly, product manufacturers are working in tandem with each other to combine talents and resources toward resultant product solutions that alone they could not bring to market. An example would include curtainwall manufacturers working along with glazing companies and photovoltaics manufacturers to create a building integrated photovoltaic system.

PRODUCT AWARDS: Most Promising New Technology
These products represent performance-based developments that are often outside the box, offer clever solutions, and make use of nascent technology and/or advanced materials. An example would include phase-change materials. Thousands of products emerge each year that "raise the bar", if yours is one then be sure to enter.

At the footings of every successful high-performance to NZ outcome is an individual or a team of like-minded professionals with an impressive ability to bring about the intended result. It is these people that our 'Champions of NZB' award will isolate and commend (Note: Champions can be nominated as part of a Project of the Year entry).

Project Awards will recognize projects that incorporate great examples of design and construction able to deliver net-zero, and net-zero ready buildings. Awards will be influenced by following input...

  • The project's narrative; the process the team went through from early conceptualization to planning, construction and commissioning. How did this process differ from standard project delivery.
  • The technology story; techniques and strategies employed to deliver the most efficient product and systems outcomes. Reveal how these systems integrated and interacted to lower overall systems costs. Entrants should be sure to address each of NZB's "Pillars": envelope, daylighting, lighting, HVAC, water conservation and renewable power.
  • The team collaboration; describe the relationship of the team to the owner as well as the various key members. Reveal established operational strategies put in place to ensure optimal results, this may include ongoing measurement and verification efforts.

Note: Projects will also be recognized in size and market sector categories. We will also recognize the project with the best integrated process, best energy modeling effort and best continuous commissioning effort.